Business Outline

03The spirit of hospitality “omotenashi”is cultivated in seasons, climate and cultural tradition.

Banquet and event based on the theme of beautiful four seasons and Japanese culture is full of “ichigo ichie” hospitality for your special moment “encounter only once in the life”. No matter how the ages change, our immputable aesthetic, or culture cultivated in the spirits give our hearts richness at any time.
We are in the era of easyness and convenient. That is why high valued services are required. The beautiful four seasons and natures are the wealth of Japan. The full blooming cherry blossoms and beautiful autumn leaves. The bamboo forest invites us to a peaceful and mysterious world. Wisteria flowers being swayed by the wind. Spending time attracted by those natural beauties, it is like a scene from a picture. The events based on the hospitality cultivated in nature, cultural climate, and Japanese tradition will promises you to feel the excellence of japan with your five senses.
We will embody the event planning, produce, create and management with high degree of perfection.
Senno Rikyu’s word “Ichi go ichie”, encounter only once in the life, this is the mysteries of hospitality. Our motto is we do our best for the “rich time” and lead the ultimate hospitality market.
We are specialized in co-ordinate planning and managing lecture meetings, cultural seminars of Japanese traditional successors succeeded overseas and persons of culture, artists and creators.
We will plan and co-ordinate revitalization of local sightseeing market by marketing and promoting enterprises and local governments through seminars and cultural activities.
Tour opens new world in the days of unusual and encountering new people.
We commit to co-ordinating exclusive plan of “moving-tour”; it’s rare and makes your experience the real thrill of the journey.  The opportunities you meet and know deeper the Japanese local traditional cultures and histories. Encountering rare people, and talk with them. Especially visiting closed door properties and cultural assets will make you feel mysteries of history and as if you had been transported to another age. Visiting beautiful natures and hidden hot-spring only exists for that moment. Sacred prays and festivals that have been inherited from parents to their children or traditional crafts made from craftsmen who have superhuman skills. Opening the new world, encountering new people, deepen your knowledge, learning and feel deeply through your travel. Sharing rich time and touching moments with your friends is another joy of travel. That is exactly “Ichi go ichie” tour. Our specialist will escort you.
Also, special events or cultural experience at world heritage sites and special site of scenic beauty can effectively be used for marketing various enterprises as part of our high valued service.
big_spacel03We commit to support and back up concierge service for executive clients who seek for genuine and high quality services by planning high valued services for supporting luxurious lifestyles. Original services produced by consultant specialized in concierge service will meet your special guests’ satisfaction. Strong connection is the concept for our high valued services. We seek for not only for convenience but our clients’ needs and values,We will create the services always meet our clients’ satisfaction. “No first visitors without invitation” is special rule for only chosen customers, different from “members only”. We invite you to the world of “No first visitors without invitation” cultivated in trust and bond.

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