J-MIND aims to support personal communication in various projects with our concept of world class Japanese hospitality by planning high quality service contents at this age of seeking for genuine richness and luxuriousness.

J-MIND Co., Ltd is specialized in marketing provides high valued personal services with our concept of world class Japanese hospitality “Omotenashi”.
The spirit of Omotenashi proves old Japanese traditions are still alive and it is supreme hospitality originated in Japan.
We are now being questioned the true value in the era of globalization.
We believe our business meets requirements by providing luxurious time and space only for executive people who seek for the genuine and rich life styles in this age of speedy and easy to produce anything.
We are specialized in marketing for executives who seek for high valued services by planning and enforcing the high end services or concierge service based on “personal communication”.
Also, we exist to support inheritance of our important traditions and culture by supporting traditional inherited cultural events, and supporting the Recovery Protection of the Cultural Properties and more which we may have lost in an exchange for the convenience we have now.
Through these contribution to society will helps to connect the spirit of traditional culture and hospitality “omotenashi”, and economical society, further more raise our consciousness.
As the proverb says “Fueki ryuko” or “On ko chishin”,
We keep seek for Japanese traditions by meeting the needs of the time and yet value the immutable spirit and tradition of hospitality “omotenashi”.

Representative  director  Michiko Fukuda

Corporate information

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J-MIND Co., Ltd

4narrowspaceRepresentative Director

Michiko Fukuda


〒150-0012 1-7-20 DOT Building 3F, Hiroo, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

4narrowspaceT E L


4narrowspaceF A X



1. Planning and managing executive concierge service
2. Development of human resources in concierge service
 and consulting
3. Planning, management and producing various events
4. Planning and producing marketing services and consulting
5. Planning and commercializing high valued tour (individual and enterprise)
6. Managing cultural events and actions, planning lecture meeting
7. Management and coordinate of persons of culture
8. Publishing, planning/edit books and magazines
9. DM, advertisement design and produce
10. Co-ordinate filming location
11. Planning, development and marketing of art projects, foods,
  beauty products and miscellaneous goods

4narrowspaceC S R

1. Kyoto National Museum
space_14space_14・ ・ ・ ・donation for recovery protection of cultural property
2. Nara National Museum
space_14space_14・ ・ ・ ・donation for recovery protection of cultural property
3. Tokyo National Museum
space_14space_14・ ・ ・ ・donation for recovery protection of cultural property
4. Shimogamo Jinja shrine
space_14space_14・ ・ ・ ・Protection activities of Tadasu no mori forest
5. A general incorporated association Takumi Bunka Kikou
space_14space_14・ ・ ・ ・support traditional inherited cultural traditions and activities
space_14space_14space_14space_14space_14space_14  emphasizing in the future

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