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Gion Shinmonzen Salon

Gion Shinmonzen Salon where you can experience “KYOTO”omotenashi.
Gion, Kyoto. The place Geiko and Maiko are living.
Gion-shirakawa River still has its original taste.
The most popular place in Kyoto decorated every season by cherry blossom in spring, fresh green in summer, scarlet maple leaves in autumn and snows in winter.
Shinmonzen is located in walking distance from the Gion-shirakawa River.
The art dealers are to stand side by side and art collectors from all over the world come to visit this place.
Shinmonzen is a treasure box of Japanese aesthetics.
The Gion Shinmonzen Salon is a place you can spend your time in Machiya traditional Kyoto residence.
“The salon no first visitors without invitation”

We’ll serve Japanese tea including Matcha green tea and Sencha green tea for your comfort.
We are offering variety of stays.
Relax by yourself quietly, or rest yourself, just to kill the time before your meal, have a pleasant talk, and so on.
Also, we are offering Kyoto concierge service goes beyond your expectations including battery charger, express home delivery service and much much more.
Nowhere but Gion has its status.
The world of No first visitors without invitation is our hospitality, and it promises you the best “omotenashi”.

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【Luxury Kyoto Concierge】

The traditional capital that Japan boast to the world,
Beauty and spirits of Kyoto

Kyoto, the city of Japanese aesthetics and spirits that Japan boasts to the world.
Video below introduces its seasonal nature and festivals, traditional culture, history and more, with English narration.

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