CSR activities
(Social Contribution Marketing)

CSR activities

Produce social contribution projects

We will inherit traditional Japanese culture and craftsmanship skills and promote activities to widely convey the importance of leaving in the future.

CSR example


Takumi Culture Organization

We will support the succession and revitalization of Japanese traditional culture, arts and entertainment, and the training and activities of human resources involved in traditional culture and crafts.
And we will work on the archival creation and sightseeing promotion of festivals and events that are passed down throughout Japan.

  • Takumi restration organization
  • 匠文化機構 社会貢献事業ご提案プラン例
  • 匠文化機構 社会貢献事業ご提案プラン例
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World Heritage and Cultural Property Protection

In order to inherit the world heritage of Japan, traditional culture, cultural property to the future, we are promoting the protection project of cultural properties.

Cultural Property Protection FundProtecting cultural property restoration
Kyoto National Museum Tokyo National Museum
Nara National Museum
Cultural property protectionCherry trees planting
World heritage
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
World heritage
Daigoji Temple
Kodaiji Candy

Kodaiji Temple

The first authorized product
Kodaiji "Shusse Ame"
Limited sale at kodaiji
Distributer: Onizaki Corp.

Daigoji Cookie

Kyoto National Museum

"Original Cookie
Collaboration by Kyoto National Museum with "Yonemura", a famous restaurant in Kyoto

Daigoji sesami

Daigo-ji Temple

"Daigoji sesami"
Golden sesami/ White sesami/ Black sesami
Limited sale at Daigoji
Manufacturer: Onizaki Corp.