Concierge service
Planning and developing

Concierge service

"Concierge service"
Producing and plan development

Our professional concierge consultants provide services tailored to meet your guests satisfaction.

  • 清水寺西門
  • 祇園祭特別観覧
  • 三井寺特別拝観

Service example

Luxury Japan Concierge

Concierge service for members
Planning and suggestions for special trips you can only experience here

Luxury Japan Concierge 「KYOTO」

Luxury Japan Concierge ▶

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Plan a high value added journey to experience impression

Plan a high value-added travel to experience impression

We will plan and produce high value-added experiences such as special worship of world heritage and private cultural property of famous temple, event of monopolizing Shrines and temples and cultural facilities.


Produce and operate 'Lounge'

We offer high value-added services in a lounge that can be used only by special customers.